Financial Planning

There are an incredible number of financial planners in the business world. Most financial planning firms have products attached to their services, and many financial planners are money managers as well. Some financial planners charge by the hour, others are on a flat fee basis, and still others have the fee built into their investment products. Financial planners also use sophisticated software that will generate comprehensive financial plans for their clients or customers. Most financial planners have completed training that gives them a professional designation such as CFA, CFP, CIC and ChFC. I have great respect for financial planners.

I don’t sell investment products or manage money. I feel I should stay within my realm of expertise mostly devised through real world experience. However, throughout my professional career I have been involved in many unexpected situations both in business and personally. These experiences interacted with all corners of life including health and finances. I found that I had planned well, or that I was able to do crisis planning for the situation that occurred. This gives me a “financial planning six sense” that I can employ when clients and others ask me questions involving planning issues especially in matters of crisis.