• Reduce Your Taxes by Putting the Right Assets in Your IRA

    Posted Date April 1, 2024 Posted Time 12:00 pm Published in

    Most people know the basic concept that certain types of investment accounts are tax sheltered while others are not. Think 401(k), 403(b), IRA and Roth IRA accounts, for example. What most people are not aware of is how you split your investment positions between your taxable and non-taxable accounts can result in major tax savings. Asset Allocation and Location One of the core principles of investing is to have an appropriate asset allocation that aligns with your risk tolerance and goals. In other words, how much of your investable net worth is in cash, stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate,... View Article

  • Defining Burn Rate, Gross Burn and Net Burn

    Posted Date April 1, 2024 Posted Time 12:00 pm Published in

    When it comes to any business, but especially for a start-up, it’s essential to determine how long a company can survive before it must declare bankruptcy and/or close its doors. The biggest metric, especially for a start-up, is to determine how much money a company has to keep its lights on. The term “burn rate” is defined as how much money a company spends monthly to maintain its operations. It is essential for a company to know how long it can operate before it begins to generate income and hopefully becomes cash flow positive. It is important to look at... View Article

  • Part 1: Pre-Retirement Planning Guide

    Posted Date April 1, 2024 Posted Time 12:00 pm Published in

    One of the more insightful quotes of baseball great Yogi Berra was, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” When you’re young, first starting out in life and career, the path to professional success and personal fulfillment isn’t always clear. Most people start out on a track and then adjust as they go along — based on what they learn, who they meet, and cultivate their choices given their opportunities. Fortunately, the path to retirement need not be so nebulous. By the time you start thinking about retirement, most people have quite a few certainties... View Article

  • April is Financial Literacy Month: How Much Do You Know?

    Posted Date April 1, 2024 Posted Time 12:00 pm Published in

    What started as Youth Financial Literacy Day some years ago is now a monthlong event: Financial Literacy Month. It all started in 2003 when some U.S. legislators got together and decided that we needed more days dedicated to this topic. So, what does that mean for us? Plenty. It’s one month out of the entire year you can dedicate to getting your financial ducks in a row by engaging in fiscally savvy activities, absorbing all the knowledge, and then sharing your learnings with family, friends, and the world. Prepare the Kids Unless you went to a school (K-12) that included... View Article

  • Importance of Fostering Digital Trust in Today’s Businesses

    Posted Date April 1, 2024 Posted Time 12:00 pm Published in

    Modern business today is dominated by digital transactions and interactions. Businesses are increasingly storing customers’ personal information, which is potentially accessible without the customers’ knowledge or consent. Therefore, understanding the significance and implications of digital trust will help businesses foster it, as it is crucial for success.  What is Digital Trust? Digital trust is the faith customers and business partners have in a business’ secure, reliable, and transparent existence on digital platforms. It involves protecting business and customer data, respecting privacy, managing cybersecurity threats, and enhancing transparency around data usage. Customers expect that when they share their personal and sensitive... View Article

  • Funding the Government, Protecting Americans from Misuse of Data, Expanding Internet Access and Improving Recycling

    Posted Date April 1, 2024 Posted Time 12:00 pm Published in

    Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2024 (HR 4366) – On March 9, the president signed the latest appropriations bill passed in time to halt a government shutdown. While this bill does authorize funding through the end of the fiscal year (Sept. 30), it only addresses six of the 12 bills necessary to fully fund the government. The recent legislation covers Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, Rural Development, the Food and Drug Administration, the Commerce, Justice and Science-related departments, the Energy Department, the Department of the Interior and the Environment, and Transportation, Housing and Urban Development. On March 23, the president signed the... View Article

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